Is the European Monetary Union a disaster? ? Discuss Essays

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This essay evaluates the development of the EMU; a system that only came into effect three years ago. Through the lack of recent literature most of the evidence are derived from articles of various sources.

The essay takes into consideration that the EMU is embedded in a generally declining world economy. It illustrates why the EMU did not reach their targeted goals immediately and points out shortcomings in the architecture of the EMU in the Maastricht Treaty that ought to be reformed. It takes the viewpoint that although since the introduction of the Euro there is an apparent recession in the Euro area countries, it is not entirely to be blamed on new currency and that the allegation that the EMU is a disaster is totally
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The Treaties of Rome which established the European Economic Community in 1957 announced that a Single European Market was the aim of the development which would accelerate prosperity and contribute to a closer union of the European nations. The Single European Act (1986) which launched the European Single Market programme and the Treaty of the European Union is based on this foundation. The treaties lead to the Economic and Monetary Union and are the cornerstones for the coherent currency. The third step towards the EMU began at the 1st January 1999, when the conversion rate was irresistibly locked in. From then on all the member states operated in a unitary monetary policy. The Euro was established as the legal means of payment and at first the eleven national currencies were reduced to subunits of the Euro. Greece joined the Euro system on 1st January 2001 and finally the European paper money and coinage were introduced to the 12 member states of the European Union on 1st January 2002. The introduction of the Euro presents a milestone on the way towards a united Europe in which the people, the public services and the assets have freedom of movement. The member states hoped to gain from the Monetary Union two kind of chances: On one hand it is supposed to present the motor for further political integration in Europe and on the other hand – in addition to the Single Market – it was expected to launch higher
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