Is the Majority Always Right

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Many of the societies we live in today are based on the majority's decision, placing importance, and the right to make decisions, on the people, and their choices. Even in societies that do not function this way, the majority's ways of thinking are reflected in how they act. Is this majority decision always right, however? Can the majority be trusted to make decisions and behave in ways that are considered "right", "moral", and "justified"? In my opinion, believing that the majority will always be right is a questionable and debatable belief, as it can often be a false assumption, and it should also be acknowledged that the majority itself will change over time, as will their beliefs.

A well-known example of poor decisions made by the
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These values create the idea of what is "right" and what is "wrong". Therefore, the beliefs that are shared by the majority are the beliefs that are considered correct – in short, the majority separates what is right from what is wrong. So, what if who the majority was had changed? What if what the majority believed was different? It should be remembered that these alterations have, in fact, occurred. Therefore, still using the examples of racism against Japanese-Americans and Japanese-Canadians, the majority at that time believed that their actions were justified, that their nation was at war, and that these Japanese immigrants, who were from a nation that was America's or Canada's enemy, could also, in turn, be their enemies. Therefore, they believed that their decision and actions were justified and the right thing to do, as well as there being less emphasis on human rights, resulting in few people thinking that the Japanese immigrants were entitled to certain rights. This mindset also contributed to the Japanese losing their property – everything was sold, including their land, farms, possessions in their homes as well as their houses, fishing boats, and more – by the government. Since no, or at least few, objections were made against these actions, this decision was obviously right, because the majority had decided it was so. Also, it should be realized that the number of immigrants, and people of a non-Caucasian background in North
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