Is the Traffic Commercial or Private on Good Luck Road? Essay

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In this project the main focus is to investigate the topic of "is there more private traffic than commercial traffic on Good Luck Road due to the land usage along the road?

Good Luck Road is a road system that connects both College Park and New Carrollton, further surrounded by institutions and other road systems leading to both DC, Virginia, and other cities. The road is located in Riverdale, MD, a town in Prince Georges County. The road’s geographical coordinates are (latitude) 38° 58' N / 76° 54' W (longitude). The general characteristic of Good Luck Road is a wide road with at least four or more neighborhoods surrounding it, in addition to Parkdale High School, local malls, a University, and so on connecting other road ways. The
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The visual representations of the two give an idea of what would be the expectancy of traffic. Due to that so, Good Luck road would have more private because its majority environment is consumer oriented while its minority resides within its connected transportation to business oriented communities. This could be exemplified in the many neighborhoods that surround Good Luck Road, which would influence more stores, markets, and shopping malls that wouldn’t be of institutions that cater to a workforce but a specific community of amenities and other sustainable attributes. In that, there would be more private traffic to meet these needs. Another factor that affects the private traffic is the productivity within the workforce in the area because a specific company would require a specific car or if promoted to such height, it can also be known as a car that was paid by the company. But yet, the environments that connect a specific road way to another community affect its traffic as well.

In relation to DC, the environment is likely to have an equal occurrence of both kinds of traffic private because of how many big productions and companies that dwell within the business district and then the small institutions that share the neighborhood’s direct interest. In consideration of how equally big both
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