Is the Use of Sexual Imagery in Ad Campaigns Unethical?

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Is The Use of Sexual Imagery in Ad Campaigns Unethical?
People will soon realize that they're being manipulated by advertising companies due to sexual imagery. Even though a person may buy a product due to sexual imagery, it defeats the purpose of selling the product if the product is not any good. Also, companies will only gain temporary customers if sex is their only strategy for advertising Not only will the consumers feel cheated and utilized, it will take a much greater attempt on the part of the advertisers to regain the customer’s trust. Therefore, using sexual imagery in advertising is unethical because it distracts the consumer from the original issue in which it is for them to buy something.
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Commercials are used as an entertainment method, in which is used to attract and keep the attention of viewers and make them more susceptible to persuasion. Advertising is a critical marketing tactic in which marketers use to distinguish products in a chaotic market. Furthermore, to increase the effectiveness of advertising for a product, the advertising message should be unique and meaningful. Companies have tried to use many ideas to create diversity for advertisements and commercials. A positive correlation is also found between the degrees of how well an advertisement is liked with the brand advertised. The blog "Looking for Prince Charming” by a blogger named Piñata Princess, gave the pros and cons about the use of sex in advertising. The pros that the writer had was that sex is appealing, exciting, and something that the world desires. The pros of using sex to sell a product is that it is a very interesting way to convince people to buy a product. The cons were that using sex to sell anything can turn people away from buying a product by only remembering the model rather than the product. Another problem with using sex in advertisements is that it can be distracting and people may not even notice what is trying to be sold. These ads that use sex to attract customers also objectify women and men and this is one way they can become disagreeable. A consumer’s interpretation of an advertisement are more likely to assume a range of
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