Essay on Is there Anything to Justify Suicide

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The definition of suicide is the act of killing oneself. Per data collected by the American Association of Suc 2010 Final Data Report , there is an average of one person every 13.7 minutes that commits suicide and that suicide was the 10th leading cause of death in the United States at the time of the reports compilation. With studies proving suicide to be such a viable option for some, there arise the questions of morality concerning suicide. Is it ever an acceptable course of action? If so, under what circumstances might suicide be considered reasonable? Are there circumstances where the act of killing oneself is justifiable? Does one’s position in society or religious background determine the validity in one’s belief’s on…show more content…
Col. Westhusing was said to have been extremely intelligent and highly intellectual even referred to as “straight an arrow as you would possibly find”. His family considered him to be very loving father and husband. Col. Westhusing was also reported as being a devout Catholic
Having discovered wrong-doings in a department that he ( Col. Westhusing ) oversaw , he was so overcome with disappointment and shame at having been even associated with such corruption that in his suicide note he said “ I came to serve honorably and feel dishonored “ even stating that he felt “sullied”. Although Col. Westhusing’s friends, colleagues and family noted a decline in his moods, and that his mental health appeared to be unstable at times as well, apparently no one deemed him capable of ending his own life. How does a man who lived his life based on the practices of duty, honor and integrity along with a strong religious background come to the conclusion that the only way to uphold or maintain his dignity and honor is to commit suicide? This question is reflected upon by journalist Lindsay Beyerstein in a blog written on Col. Ted Westhusing’s suicide in 2005. Ms. Beyerstein conveys praise and admiration for Col. Westhusings strong ethical beliefs as well as his willingness to die before accepting or living
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