Is there a Binding Agreement Between Dr Hu and Amy Pond?

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A) Is there a binding agreement between Dr Hu and Riversong Mediquip? Offer For there to be a binding agreement between Dr Hu and Riversong Mediquip, two factors must be present, these factors are and offer and acceptance. An offer can be defined as a willingness to enter into a bargain and in doing so does justify another person an understanding that his/her assent is invited and will conclude the bargain. Heydon JA suggested that an offer must ‘take form of a proposal for consideration which gives an offeree an opportunity to choose between acceptance and rejection’ .The offer in this scenario was made by Riversong Mediquip to sell Dr Hu medical equipment as was depicted in a previous correspondence between the parties. The…show more content…
Amy chose to accept the offer emailed to her by Dr Hu, through an accepting email, which although not the prescribed method of acceptance is still valid. Acceptance Although Amy did not accept the offer from Dr Hu to purchase her medical equipment in the prescribed form of post, her acceptance is still valid. It was suggested that ‘where the offeror has prescribed a particular method of acceptance, but not in terms insisting that only acceptance in that mode shall be binding, that acceptance communicated to the offeror by any other mode which is no less advantageous to him will conclude the contract’ . Therefore suggesting that even though Amy did not respond via post as was asked by Dr Hu, the wording in Dr Hu’s email said that ‘you can respond’, can meaning that it was not specified as the only means of accepting the offer, and that other means of acceptance would be seen to form a binding agreement between the two parties. As Amy’s email was in no way less advantageous to Dr Hu it can be seen as a valid acceptance of the offer that was put to Amy. Amy sent her email of acceptance to the email that she received the email from, which conforms with Section 13A(a) of the Electronic Transactions Act 2000 (NSW) which states ‘the time of receipt of the electronic communication is the time when the electronic communication becomes capable of being retrieved by the addressee at an electronic address designated by the addressee’

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