Is there such a Thing as Über-Culture Clash?

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Compared to our neighbours out in the Far East, our culture does not rely as much on respect and ancestral worship, and this is where we find Japanese culture strange and how our culture does not compare. A big example of this being a matter of respect and honor- a large part of Japanese culture that plays a part in their everyday life and to us Americans seemingly strange and unnecessary. It isn’t that we don’t have a concept of what honor and respect for our ancestors is, it is just that we don’t find a necessarily important aspect of our life to honor regularly; we don’t live in a culture where honor and family status is quite as important. This is can be seen quite well in the works of Rashomon by Ryunosuke Akutagawa. The stories to focus on that preach Japanese ideals very well and clearly include: The Martyr, Kesa and Morito, and In a Grove. The Martyr has good examples of honor, religious importance, and dignity. Kesa and Morito include examples of marital values and loyalty to your partner. In a Grove deals with good examples of certain cultural-relevant content portraying to the spiritual and truth of what people say. The Martyr covers the most as it deals with a mis-gendered child that is kicked out twice, but still finds the values more important than image. The Martyr deals with a child that is miss-gendered originally as male, is found abandoned and through a series of unfortunate circumstance caused by a spiteful neighbor is kicked out of its second home. The

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