Is there such a thing as “Evidence-Based Management” ? Essay

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There are plenty of ways and practices available to managers, practitioners and educators to carry out their businesses for the persuasion of required goals, this vast array of choice and awareness make them ambitious to decide which one is workable and which one is not and this make them always keep on trying one and other technique, method or/and process and at this point according to Pfeffer and Sutton(2006) evidence rescue them to decide which one is the right one. This essay, focusing on this respect, will be a critical reading and analysis of strengths and weaknesses to Rousseau’s (2006) article on ‘Is there such a thing as “Evidence –Based Management”. This essay will first introduce how if evidence based management helps managers.…show more content…
The use of evidence based management could be based on the gathering, analysis and syntheses of data and information to create evidence based management environment in organizations which will help organizations to create uniform practices and policies compatible
To their overall organizational credos.

Rousseau repeatedly refers the development in clinical and evidence based medicines and links it with evidence based management . Whereas, in the same article she says that clinical practices differs from management practices and both are imposed by different stakeholders with different entry requirement. Learmonth and Harding (2006) also put forward in their article that “Evidence based health care” guided approach to Evidence based management is somewhat imprudent. Raine (1998) has also characterized evidence-based practices as the current ‘ zeitgeist in health care ’ , not in management practices. Rousseau supports ‘transfer of research findings’ on the basis of ‘unique paradox’ only . She says in her article that unlike policing and education management is mainly private sector activity while Learmonth and Harding by citing number of literatures say that “In parallel with this development, evidence-based approaches are increasingly being commended for policy and management
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