Is3220 Project Part 1

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IS 3220 IT Infrastructure Security Project Part 1: Network Survey Project Part 2: Network Design Project Part 3: Network Security Plan ITT Technical Institute 8/4/15 Project Part 1: Network Survey Network Design and Plan Executive Summary: We have been engaged in business for some time, and have been very successful, however we need to re-examine our network configuration and infrastructure and identify that our network defenses are still reliable, before we make any changes. We need to take a hard look at our current configuration of host, services and our protocols within our organization. Data from a large number of penetration tests in recent years show most corporate networks share common vulnerabilities. Many of these…show more content…
2. Training and Testing * Implementation of penetration testing of network, installation of WireShark and NetWitness Investigator. * Check existing security scan reports, from WireShark and NetWitness Investigator, and see if we can identify data leakage, and setup new policies and procedures for monitoring web servers and applications. * Set up training program for all employees on network security policies and any new changes to network security. * Conversion and Post-Conversion Support * Assist in planning new software installation for security and any new routers and switches * Assist in planning and implementation of all new services that are purchased. * Assemble team to manage SNMP devices on our network and to make sure all unused services are turned off. OUR RESPONSIBILITIES This project demands significant involvement by IT personnel, Accounting and CIO. Our success is highly dependent on everyone’s efforts. To help achieve a smooth and successful implementation, it will be our responsibility to: * Assemble project teams and make sure everyone is updated on project start dates, and there team responsibilities. * All team members will have assigned task and be responsible for their portion of network security and to make sure all devices are secure. * We will have a team in place to revised our network enforcement

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