Is4560 Lab 1 Assessment

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Lab 1 Assessment Worksheet Develop an Attack & Penetration Plan 1. List the 5 steps of the hacking process. * Reconnaissance * Scanning * Gaining Access * Maintaining Access * Covering Tracks 2. In order to exploit or attack the targeted systems, the first initial step I would do to collect as much information as possible about the targets prior to devising an attack and penetration test plan would be reconnaissance. I would use passive reconnaissance as this pertains to information gathering. 3. The reconnaissance phase can have many different faces, and depending on the goal of the attacker, various tools and applications can be used. Nslookup can be used to look up all the available host on a…show more content…
9. NIST 800-42 encompasses security testing and penetration testing. It includes how network security testing fits into the system development life cycle and the organizational roles and responsibilities related to security testing. It also introduces the aspect of available testing techniques, their strengths and weaknesses, and the recommended frequencies for testing. Finally, it gives strategies for deploying network security testing, including how to prioritize testing activates. 10. There are four phases of penetration testing, according to NIST. They are planning, discovery, attack, and reporting. In the planning phase, rules are identified, management approval is finalized, and testing goals are set. The discovery phase starts the actual testing. Techniques commonly used in the discovery phase include port scanning, DNS interrogation, whois queries, search of the target organizations web servers, search of the LDAP, packet capture, NetBIOS enumeration, and Banner grabbing. While vulnerability scanners only check that a vulnerability may exist, the attack phase of a penetration test exploits the vulnerability, confirming its existence. The reporting phase occurs simultaneously with the other three phases of the penetration test. 11. There are many reasons why an organization would want to

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