Is561 Week 2 Solution Essay

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Key IS561 – Week 2 iLab

STEP 1: Working with Dictionary-Managed and Oracle-Managed Files (10 points)

Scenario: As the DBA for your company, you have decided to install a new version of the Oracle Enterprise database to replace the current database version being used. The old database has become a constant headache and seems to be causing an overload on the disk drive's I/O channels. Further analysis has also shown that two primary large tables are the main points of access. These tables are CUST_REC and ACCT_RECV tables. You also have a new server with three large-capacity disk drives: F, G, and H. Briefly, provide the following information. * Describe how you plan to rectify the I/O problem with the new Oracle10g
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3. Parameters cannot have spaces in their name. All multi-word parameter names should contain underscores - 5 modifications ( db_block_size, db_domain, remote_login_passwordfile, db_name, instance_name ). 4. Altered the size of the db_block_size to be the standard 8K. 4K may be valid but the database would run more efficiently using 8K blocks, which is the typical block size. 5. Added second control file to control_files entry. There should be a mimimum of two files. Ideally these files should be multiplexed over physically separated disk volumes to insure database recovery should a catastrophic event occur. 6. The parameter assignment “maxinstances = 2” was removed. The “maxinstances” parameter is valid in the CREATE DATABASE command but it doesn’t seem to be stored in the init.ora file. 7. The format of the Oracle version [number] in the compatible statement was adjusted. The number should consist of the 5 numerical components of a valid version of Oracle. I set this to but ideally this should be set to the most recent version of Oracle that's installed, e.g. if Oracle 10g is the latest installed version. 8. The db_name was minimized to just the database name. The full path, as listed, is really the db_unique_name which is used for making a globally unique name to a network of distributed database servers. 9. Quotation marks removed from db_domain value. (I don’t believe

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