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IS582 Final Exam Study Guide YOU MAY WANT TO PRINT THIS GUIDE. 1. The final exam is "open book, open notes." The maximum time you can spend in the exam is 3 hours, 30 minutes. If you have not clicked the Submit For Grade button by then, you will be automatically exited from the exam. In the final exam environment, the Windows clipboard is disabled, and so you will not be able to copy exam questions or answers to or from other applications. 2. You should click the Save Answers button in the exam frequently. This helps prevent connection timeouts that might occur with certain Internet Service Providers, and also minimizes lost answers in the event of connection problems. If your internet connection does break, when you reconnect you…show more content…
So please be VERY mindful of proper citation. 8. Some of the key study areas are as follows: (while these are key areas remember that the exam is comprehensive for all the assigned course content and this study guide may not be all inclusive. 1. Database Modeling 2. Entities, attributes, identifiers, and keys 3. Entity Relationship Design concepts 4. Relationships, including, but not limited to, subtype-super type and recursive relationships. 5. Normalization including relations and functional dependencies. 6. Referential Integrity 7. Cardinality and cardinality constraints. 8. Database data constraints 9. SQL - You may have to understand what a query is doing, and what results will generated from a query. You will need to evaluate why a query may not execute. You will not have to write SQL queries. 10. Issues with multi-user databases. 11. Transaction Processing 12. Concurrency Control and Locking 13. Database Recovery and Backup 14. Database System Architectures 15. Distributed Databases 16. Database Administration 9. Areas that were discussed in the threads will be prime targets. 10. Assignments will also be prime targets for revisiting. 11. Reviewing the TCO’s will also be a great preparation for the final exam which I have listed below for your

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