Isabel Allende: A Famous Chilean-American Writer

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Isabel Allende is 73 and was born on August 2, 1942. She was born in Lima, Peru, but later moved to Santiago, Chile. Isabel is a famous Chilean-American writer, whose novels are often based off her personal experience.
Isabel was born with the name Isabel Allende Llona, the daughter of Francisca Llona Bars and Tomás Allende. In 1945, after her father disappeared, Isabel's mother relocated with her children to Santiago, Chile, where they lived until 1953. In the years 1953 to 1958, her mother married Ramón Huidobro and moved often. In Bolivia, she attended a private school, and then they move to Beirut, Lebanon, where she was able to attend an English private school. The family then returned to Chile in 1958. There Isabel was able to
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