Isabel Allende's Two Words

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After reading Isabel Allende's "Two Words" for the first time, I was left up in the air, as I still had questions left to be answered. "A lady selling words, and making a business out of it?", “Is it even possible to create new words?” and “Why would two words have such effect on a person as they do on the Colonel?", were a few of the many questions that never seemed to be answered while reading this short story. When looking back for the second time, the story began to relieve my confusion about the lack of realism in the story. Considering "Two Words" is of the genre "Magic Realism", we must disregard the logic and realism of certain events that drown the story, so we can rationalize the bigger picture that Isabel Allende was trying to…show more content…
In relation to the story, Belisa, a poor, poverty stricken is known to be well below the class of the Colonel, a class so low that is considered to be unnoticed in the Colonel’s eyes, “Belisa Crepusculario had been born into a family so poor they did not even have names to give their children.”(237). On the other hand, the Colonel, is a powerful and influencing leader of the outcast, who is planning on running for a position within the government. Despite monumental differences in social hierarchy between the two characters, Belisa is still able to make a tremendous impact towards the Colonel and the government, with the use of her talent of speech. Not only is she able to create a motivational speech for the Colonel to use, but she also changes the mindset of the Colonel, swaying him out of his violent phase.
Despite the confusion of certain concepts that I came across, I really enjoyed reading Isabel Allende’s short story, “Two Words”. Isabel Allende effectively portrayed different views and perspectives, that helped the reader relate to real-world situations and personal experiences. I feel as though, the combination of magic realism and her personal experiences involved in the story, played a central role that helped convey several important messages to her readers, which for me, powered this story over many
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