Short Story: Isabella

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Isabella *splash splash* There’s splashing of water everywhere. “Help, help! Somebody help me!” cried Isabella. Finally, somebody saved her from drowning in the pool. After Isabella, almost died, all her parents did was to spend quality time with her. While Bella and her parents were on the way home, the brake wasn’t working, and they hit the tree. As the car was burning badly, her parent’s called out on Bella. “Bella, jump out of the window!” her parents cried once more. And that was the last words coming from them. “Mom, Dad!” Bella cried. But she never heard any response. “NO!” Bella cried waking up from her sleep. “Ugh!” she says grunting. Bella once again threw her glass of water. Isabella is always insecure whenever she dreams or remembers what happened when she was little. “Bella! Hurry up, the bus is here!” called James. !”are you okay, sweetheart?” asked her grandmother. “Yeah, I’m fine Grandma, don’t worry. I’ll go ahead now. Love you!” Bella said. “Enough!” yelled Natalie. “Stop bullying her! Don’t you guys have anything better to do??” she said. The bullies then left. “Thanks!” bella said smiling. “No problem. I’m Natalie by the way.” Natalie said. “Bella. Are you new here?” she said to Natalie. “Actually, yes I am. Mind showing me around?’ she asked Bella. “Come on, let’s go.” Bella answered. “Hey, see my birthday is coming up, and I wanted to invite you, is it okay?” Natalie asked. “I would love too!” said

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