Isadora Duncan: Pioneer of Modern Dance

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“Movements are as eloquent as words.” (Duncan, 440) Mid nineteenth centuries was a period of rigid and standardized ballet which tortured and restrained their body and mind. Against that society's convention, there was a woman who tried to communicate with people through her dance. She, Isadora Duncan, was a pioneer of the modern dance, and her dance embraced her sophisticated ideals. Even though the public remember her only with the complicated and scandalous rumors about her lovers and dramatic death by scarf, Isadora Duncan’s new style of dance which led a new paradigm reflected freedom–not only for herself but also for the society. Purely, she extricated people to the freedom by directly expressing her soul by her movements.
Duncan expressed her emotion through her free movements in her dance. Unlike other dancers in that time, she valued the “connection between her own thought and feelings” not physical skills in her art, as Naranjo states. (Naranjo, 1) Isadora Duncan said, “These ugly and false positions in no way express that state of unconscious Dionysiac delirium which is necessary to the dancer. Moreover, movements, just like harmonies in music, are not invented; they are discovered.” (Flitch, 106) She believed ballet’s measured movement is against the true art of dance which freely expresses the dancer’s emotion. Watching the practicing scene of Royal Ballet School students, she described that they were like suspects who suffer from cruel investigation in the
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