Isaiah And The Redemption Of Israel Essay

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Isaiah and the Redemption of Israel Although some might argue that the Christian faith’s start began as young Jesus of Nazareth was born, many accounts in the Old Testament say otherwise. The story of Christ was seen as a fulfillment of a story that the people of Israel had shared for generations. Besides the Book of Psalms, no Old Testament book alludes more to the coming of the Savior, the Son of God, than the book of Isaiah. The book of Isaiah combines all elements of the coming Messiah in his glory and agony, all of which was prophesied more than 700 years before his coming. The book of Isaiah was named after the prophet who we learn, in chapter 1, was the son of Amoz and was born around 773 BCE. In addition to his prophesies regarding the Messiah, Isaiah prophesied and wrote about the destruction and redemption of Israel, which would play an integral part in his book. When Christ visited the Nephites in the records of the Book of Mormon, he spoke a great deal quoting the words of Isaiah as he told the people in 3 Nephi chapter 20 that, the words of Isaiah would be fulfilled as Heavenly Father would gather his people and restore, redeem His covenant people of Israel. So why was there even a need for the redemption? What sins led the house of Israel for the need for a redemption? And what will the result of that redemption be? The book of Isaiah begins not with words of hope, consolation, or compassion but with a harsh rebuke of the people as well as a call to repentance.

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