Isaiah Chapter 10

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The pericope of that I choose for this reflection paper is Isaiah 11:1-9. The preceding literature unit of this pericope focuses on the topic how God uses Assyria for His redemptive purpose. In Isaiah 10:5, Isaiah explains the role of Assyria in God’s plan. Assyria is the rod of God’s anger. He uses it to punish Israel and Judah because they are two godless nations but full of idols (Isaiah 10:6,11). After God’s angers are poured out on two countries, the heart of Assyria becomes boastful. God turns His anger on His rod and punishes Assyria. In Isaiah 10:12-19, Assyria is depicted as a mighty forest and the judgment of God is portrayed as an axe will swing and chop down this mighty forest. Assyria will be destroyed and reduced to a very…show more content…
While Joseph lived in Egypt, God intervened and gave Joseph the gift of dream interpretation. Joseph interpreted for Pharaoh his dream and Pharaoh made Joseph the ruler over Egypt. At that time, the famine that Joseph had foretold was too severe and it lead the brother of Joseph came down to Egypt to buy food. After many twisted events, ‘Joseph made himself known to his brothers’ (Genesis 45:1) and he confessed in Genesis 45:7 that God brought him into the dreadful life of slavery so that through him God provided a new life by ‘preserve a remnant on earth’ and ‘keep alive many survivors.’ The house of Jacob, which is the Israelites later, came into Egypt in an incident follows the theme out of the death, God brought forth the new life. Later, the Israelites went out of Egypt in another incident of the same theme. On the first Passover, there were deaths all over the land of Egypt. For the Egyptians, the angel of death killed all the first-borns of human and of animal (Exodus 12:29). For the Israelites, they were alive because they had killed the unblemished lamp and sprinkled the blood of the unblemished lamp on the doorposts of their houses. By the mark of the blood on the doorposts which was the proof of the death of the lamb, the angel of death pass-overed the houses of the Israelites. By the death of the Egyptian first-borns, the Israelites were released and had a new life as a free people who serving Yahweh. Forty years
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