Ischemic Stroke Rates in Ireland

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In Ireland there is a very high incidence of stroke with around 10,000 people a year having a stroke. Approximately 2,000 people die each year as a result and approximately 30,000 people within the Irish community are suffering with a disability as a result of stroke. (Irish Heart Foundation, 2011) This essay will discuss the topic of stroke, outlining the pathology of the disorder and discussing the recovery process. There are two major categories which stroke is divided into: Ischemic, which is the cause of 85% of strokes and Haemorrhagic, which causes 15%. In ischemic stroke, vascular occlusion and hypoperfusion occur, while in haemorrhagic stroke there is extravasation of blood into the brain or subarachnoid space. (Hinkle and Guanci, 2007). There are some similarities between the two, however differences exist in aetiology, pathophysiology and medical and surgical management. The causes and effects of each of the categories of stroke will be discussed and compared and the treatment and process of recovery will be described. An ischemic stroke is caused by the disruption of the supply of blood to part of the brain. Blood travels to the brain through arteries from the heart. In the case where an artery which supplies blood to the brain becomes narrowed or obstructed due to disease or other causes, blood flow to areas of the brain can become reduced. This reduces the supply of oxygen and glucose to the cells of the brain. According to Hickey (2003), 45% of ischemic
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