Ish-Ells Unit 3 Assignment

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[ For Ish-el, I will support him by praising him on his hard work that he has put forth daily. He never gives up in trying to learn a new task. I want Ish-el to understand that although he may be doing a good job in many areas of this subject that there is still room for improvement. I would like to work with him to make his notebook a much neater and more efficient place of storage for his information. I would like to see him perfect not only his box and bullet strategy but all of the note taking strategies’ that we have talked about. By doing this he will have a bag full of strategies to pick and choose from when recognizing the different text structures that he is in or artifacts that he has in front of him, We will be using these same strategies throughout the semester, I would…show more content…
I know that this can sometimes not be an easy task for an ELL student. I would like to see Jeimy take her feedback and channel it into her note taking skills. I would like to see her first and foremost perfect her strategy that she uses most which is bulleting facts. Once she has perfected that specific strategy I would like to see her begin to use a different strategy. We have about 5 different strategies that we are currently learning about in the classroom. She could try and pick one a week and use only that one strategy for a week straight until she know that she has perfected that strategy. This will do nothing but help her in the future. Note taking is going to be used not only in the fourth grade but the remainder of her educational career. So I would like to see her take what feedback I have to give and use it to become a more proficient note taker. I also would like her to really slow down and think about what she is look at, reading, and writing. She can sometimes get in a rush and not finish her work completely. By slowing down and thinking about her work her end result will be a lot
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