Ishibashi Nobusuke Character Profile

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[b]Name[/b] Ishibashi Nobusuke

[b]Age[/b] Thirty-one

[b]Sex[/b] Male

[b]Occupation[/b] Captain of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation security

[b]Appearance[/b] Nobusuke stood 6’ 2” and weighted around one hundred fifty-five pounds which was considered to be normal for Japanese men. His dark brown eyes and dark black hair made him almost look like his father besides the height and how long his hair grew; however, he maintained that hair by shaving it once in awhile. While he had tried many styles in the past, he chose to try out the style where one side is shaved while the other is cut. Nobusuke liked the style so far unlike his other attempts at finding the perfect hairstyle for him. And he also had facial hair, which was almost maintained to look professional as possible to Weyland-Yutani.

Nobusuke often wore the standard security uniform given by Weyland-Yutani and only wore it, especially if he went outside of the lab. Unlike the other
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[b]Family[/b] He had a mother and sister back on Earth while his father died when Nobusuke was twenty-two. And he did not have a positive relations with his brother, who is in one of the gangs back in Tokyo. As for his mother and sister, he tried to talk to them as much as he could during his breaks, but he just didn't have enough time for a full conversation.

[b]Backstory[/b] Life had been always hard for Ishibashi Nobusuke ever since he was a child in Tokyo. His parents were living in a rough part of Tokyo with their children. Nobusuke and his brother spent their entire childhood living within the district while fearing for the gangs. Their parents did their best to provide education in their childrens' lives and Nobusuke (and his sister) took the opporunity. While his brother grew tried of school and dropped out to join a local gang, Nobusuke was doing alright with
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