Ishmael, By Ishmael And The Narrator

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Ishmael is an interesting story that begins when the narrator sees an ad for a teacher. Not only is the ad for a teacher, but one that only seeks students whom have a desire to save the world. When he does finally respond to the ad and meets the teacher in person, he realizes his teacher is in fact a gorilla. Communicating telepathically with the gorilla, the narrator hears of Ishmael and his past of captivity. After hearing the impressing story of Ishmael, the narrator accepts him as a teacher returning to his office to be taught more. As the story continues, Ishmael and the narrator discuss how the world came to be what it is today. The book Ishmael contains themes of captivity, identity, evolution, food, religion, goodness of men, civilization, and mother culture. When Ishmael first meets the narrator, he tells him his life story so that the narrator would consider him as a teacher. Ishmael was taken from his home in the wild and put in captivity to be displayed in an exhibition. From being held in captivity, it’s due to that reason that Ishmael believes that he can teach the narrator about captivity. What surprises the readers is that Ishmael doesn’t hold resentment or anger towards the people he called his captors. Instead he feels a sense of sadness and pity of them due to the fact that these men are also held captive. He shows readers that he believes that is captors are held by mother culture, which creates limitation for people. It’s for that reason he…

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