Ishmael Chapter Reflection Paper

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The chapters introduce some of the effects hunger has on human physiology and behavior. I learned the glimpse of disrespect, discords among the villagers, forceful recruits from the rebels, misbehavior among the youth and lack of trust amongst the villagers because of experience from torture, mass killings, mutilations, and wars. It is vivid that one doesn’t have to be in the military to suffer psychosis issues such as depression and PTSD as reflected in Ishmael, who felt these and expresses the feelings multiple times in the assigned chapters. I learned from the character of a mother with a five year old boy, who accommodated the six homeless and hungry boys that forcefully grabbed the two hairs of corn from her son. All these greatly…show more content…
Personally, I cannot fathom the reality of not experiencing nor enjoying my youthful years, the experience Ismael missed in his growth development which makes me feel bad for him. Ishmael never gets an answer to know if his family (grand-parents, parents, and siblings) is dead or alive, which is a pain he bears for life. Furthermore, I think I changed from the way I participated in the discourse to express more about how I feel and how it has impacted me rather than expressing more on what happens to Ishmael in the chapters. Based on the discourse, I have changed knowing that even the next person to me might be a victim of one assault or the other. I have changed to be more sensitive to people’s feelings and behaviors. I believe my facilitation is an effective one because I actively got everyone engaged, empowered them to express their personal feelings, made them observed the ground rules, and utilized the text book by incorporating in-text citations to the discourse from Holtz (2017) that expresses how the boy soldiers are involuntarily recruited by being kidnapped from their villages and forced to commit atrocities upon threat of their own death (p. 152). At a point in time I have to offer fruits (artifact) to two participants that were not active enough as a source of energy to bring out more to the discussion. This helps

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