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Ishmael by Daniel Quinn is an book which discusses many things, most specifically how humans see and treat the world around them. The book categorizes humans into two distinct categories, takers and leavers. There are many themes which are used throughout the book, such as captivity, identity, and evolution. One of the most important things discussed throughout the book is the environment, how humans treat it and how the takers are destroying the world through knowing nothing about it. This book has many parts of it that make it interesting to read, like the Takers and Leavers, all the different themes, and the discussion Ishmael has on the environment and how humans treat it. Ishmael starts off with the narrator reading an ad in the…show more content…
The narrator then leaves the carnival to try and get Ishmael out of it, to only return to find the gorilla dead. This book ends on a sad note, but is interesting to read, but is very informative and teaches the reader many things about the current human culture, how it came to be this way and why things should be changed in order to better the world.
Leavers and takers do what is suggested by their name, leave things the way they are, and only take a limited amount of things from the Earth. Takers, on the other hand, take from the earth without ever replacing what they have taken (41). Leavers are characterized by their preservation of the earth, and how they do not kill or take excessive amounts of things from the earth, like takers do (42). Leavers were the first civilizations on the earth, the hunter-gatherers, and first farmers. The leavers are thought of by the Takers as “living in the past, those who don’t realize that their chapter of history is over” (42). Takers are those that take from the earth with no reserves, takers even take from the leavers. Takers are characterized by their ruthless taking of all the resources available to them, Ishmael illustrates this by telling the narrator that takers believe they are entitled to everything in

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