Isis And Many Terrorist Groups

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Blake Bonin Mrs. Landgrebe Advanced Comp. 3rd Hour 12/18/15 Research Paper ISIS and many terrorist groups have been recently attacking at will throughout the entire world. The terrorist group of ISIS is the biggest and most widely known terrorist group recently. One of the biggest controversial arguments today is if the United States should go to war with terrorist groups such as ISIS and others. I believe that the best solution to this argument is to not go to war with terrorist groups or ISIS just yet. Within the past couple of years, the terrorist group of ISIS has made them well known and kept the world into a state of fear and terror when it comes to terrorist attacks. One of the biggest controversial arguments currently has to do with the United States going to war with the terrorist group of ISIS. I believe that the United States shouldn’t go to war with ISIS, or just not yet. I believe that if they decide to fight a ground war with ISIS or these certain terrorist groups, they will be blindly moving into their territory. The last time that the United States decided to rush into a blind fight, not knowing what was coming, they got taken down in the war in Vietnam. If the United States dies decide to fight in these ground wars against the terrorist groups they will not know what is coming and will have to blindly fight at risk of losing a lot of soldiers in the end of the war. Another reason that the United States should not go to war with ISIS in general is
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