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Has America Failed in the Middle East? Over 2,000 people have been killed by attacks carried out by ISIS. ISIS or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria are an islamic extremist group located throughout the middle eastern region but have influence world wide. Their attacks have affected countries including the United States, France, and the United Kingdom. Their attacks have been occurring for years but the reached a major tipping point after they killed over 150 people in one night in Pairs. The Syrian region where ISIS mainly resides has been involved in a Civil war since 2011 and has seemingly had no break. The war has also been a large political battle even outside of Syrian powers as Russia and the United States back key players.…show more content…
While support of weaker powers like the Kurds could eventually defeat them as more nations join in we should consider a more aggressive plan. Another Important reason to step up our game is that the Russian army backs the Syrian army which now allows them to have the artillery to destroy their opponents like ISIS and the Kurds. In his article in the Independent Patrick Cockburn Informs readers that the Syrian army has been Reclaiming lands with the support of the Russian army. This is alarming since the United States backs groups like the Kurds and hope they will over through President al-assad, however this is clearly not the case as the opposite effect seems to be happening for these rebel groups. Secondly In the Article Putin’s Middle East Dream The Authors say putin took the weakness of the Syrian government as threat to their nation’s security as they have a weak economy. The reason this is important is because Russia has a reason to use their military and as we know show little fear during war. Now that Russia is heavily involved in the middle east the need to protect american influence is higher than ever with the Syrian government regain control of their nation. On the other hand if a local group like the Kurds take control of the region in a more peaceful way they can attempt to rebuild the nation. In Ed Royces article from The Orange County Register

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