Isis : The Queen Of The Gods

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Isis was the most popular goddess from the polytheistic Egyptian pantheon. She is known as the Queen of the Gods, but no city claimed recognition as her place of origin. Isis is shown wearing the hieroglyphic sign which was said to represent a throne, connecting her to the royal throne, or a personification of it. Her most famous temple is located on the island of Philae; in ancient Egypt that meant it lay beyond the borders of Egypt. The worship of Isis spread far and wide, from Egypt, it spread north to Syria, Palestine; Asia Minor; and then eventually to mainland Greece, and then finally to Rome. The Greeks also associated her with, the goddess of fertility Demeter.

Initially, Isis was only significant because of her connections to other divinities. She was the daughter of Geb and Nut, god of the earth, and goddess of the sky. Sister of Set, and Nephthys, as well as the sister and wife of Osiris. Paired with her sister, Nephthys they were divine mourners. In addition to that, she also protected the royal sarcophagi with three others. Isis is represented as a female figure with her arms around Osiris, or as a mother suckling her son; making her a model of the faithful wife, and devoted mother. Not only was she a great mother, but also a great magician – she tricked Ra into revealing his secret name.
Perhaps the most popular myth she is featured in is about her quest to retrieve Osiris’s body after Seth murders him. It describes her journey
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