Isla Holbox As A Cultural Destination Essay

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Isla Holbox

Just like modern day tourists, the tourism industry has been on a steady, fast paced journey due to technological evolution. With the affordability and easy accessibility, traveling potential has greatly increased. Sometimes, it is the destination that matters along with the people you go on the voyage with. This paper will analyze Isla Holbox as a cultural destination. Isla Holbox, an island just northwest of Cancun, Mexico, has always sustained human life; the Mayans and other indigenous people of Central America and Mexico steadily populated the islands of Quintana Roo. However, During the 17th and 18th centuries Isla Holbox was pirated due to the strategic location. In 1873, European buccaneers fell in love with the beauty of Isla Holbox and decided to settle down on the island. At the end of the 19th century, Yucatan entrepreneurs began the colonization of the mainland. In the 1960’s Isla Holbox had dwindled down to a population of around 500 inhabitants; today, the the 26 mile long and .9 mile long island has around 1800 inhabitants and has a potential for tourist development. Although the ability to profit off of tourism, Isla Holbox is still not heavily toured. Tourism has become a commercial business, which has obvious benefits to the said economy, the environment and society. Often, the positive economic impacts persuade governments, companies and individuals to get involved with the development of tourism. Tourism creates jobs, both…
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