Islam : A Monotheistic Religion

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Islam is a monotheistic religion that is based on the belief and worship of Allah (swt) and that Muhammad is his messenger. Islam is also the word that comes from the root word (salma) which means peaceful submission to Allah (swt). In the religion of Islam there are five pillars: Shahada (the Muslim profession of faith), Salah (prayer), seam (fasting), zakat (charity), and hajj (pilgrimage). In Islam we are informed about many things about the day of judgment which is the fifth pillar of Iman like why is important, and important to believe in it, effect it has on a Muslim’s life and character, signs of the day of judgment, and some events that will occur in the future pertaining to the day of judgment. However, we do not know many…show more content…
This also encourages Muslims to have ihsaan: excellence, to believe in God without the slightest speck of doubt, and to worship Allah (swt) as if you can see him and understanding that even if you can see him then he sees you. This can provide good actions and strive against evil. Also if we would not have had something like this spreads peace and love in a society because of we would not have something like this then society will probably become animalistic, fear will probably prevail, trials would be spread, virtue would be lost, and lowliness overcomes all life. Also in Islam prophets, Muslims, and not even angels are informed of the time or date of the Day of Judgment. However, we are informed of minor and major signs of the Day of Judgment. Some minor signs include: the distance on the Earth will be short, time will pass quickly, killing will increase, women will be wearing clothes but not wearing clothes, Adultery will become wide spread, and the drinking of wine will become common. Minor signs of the Day of Judgment are numerous and there is no specific number, some have happened in the past, some are currently happening in the present and some will happen in the future. These signs have effect on people they humble them, make them more religious and open their eyes because many of these signs have occurred already. After the minor signs occur then come the major signs which in Islam is describes and when you cut a bracelet and all the beads
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