Islam : A Non Offensive Terminology

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So now, under the guise of tolerance and sensitivity for Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews and of course atheists and agnostics, we must attempt to qualify years past, present and future with a non-offensive terminology. Time references like BC or AD are too close to a religious intention. That’s where CE(Common Era), comes in, it shows no preference against or for any group

It is allowed in 2015 for Muslims to behead non-believers to their faith and enslave the women and children.

Religion binds people together in a negative manner, as opposed to being draw together in a peaceful, forgiving perspective. The date 632 AD is important since so many changes were underway, perhaps the most significant is the formation of Islam, a new religion that will have worldwide consequences.

Founded by the prophet Mohamed it emphasized two major points that were very compelling, especially for the regular people and even more specifically the disenfranchised. Disenfranchised is one of those words that will become more important and politically correct in the future.

Islam pronounced that there is only one God, which was the first monotheistic proclamation in the Arab world.
Multiple gods were sort of the thing of the day at that time, it was a booming and profitable enterprise. In this time period, many people traveled to Mecca and paid to worship at the shrine of their favorite god. In general favorite god would mean the one who seemed most likely to answer your prayers.…
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