Islam : An Arabic Word That Means Peace, Security And Surrender

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Islam is an Arabic word that means “peace, security and surrender.” Islam is one of the three Abrahamic faiths that has many of the same prophets, beliefs, and historical evidence as the other two religions, Christianity and Judaism. Islam was one the fastest growing religion around the eastern hemisphere and it’s still growing considering Islam is the second most practiced religions worldwide. The Arabian Peninsula is known to be the birthplace of Islam. Islam rose in the early seventh century under the leadership of the prophet Muhammad, he is considered by Muslims to be the last in the line of Old and New Testament of prophets. Prophet Mohammad was born around 570AD in Mecca, in western Arabia. Mohammad received his first revelation…show more content…
The official religion was Christians as well as Jews. The Hagia Sophia known as the Byzantine monuments build during Justinian time around 527 AD in Constantinople, the structure of Hagia Sophia inspired many of Islamic Architects. The two civilization Sassanians and Byzantine highly influenced Islamic Art which Islam inherited many of their techniques. Islamic art can be seen as being successor to the culture of the late classical period as was part of Christendom and Byzantium. For example, the Byzantines experimented with domes which was continued by the Muslims architects. The domes were continually used in holy places such as the mosque and some desert palaces during the early Umayyad reign. The Byzantine Empire influenced Islam greatly in many different ways especially in art; like the heavy use of marble and mosaic. The Sassanians also impacted Islamic cultural in many ways just like the Byzantines. The Sassanians experimented with stucco, which was used in Islamic art later on. The Ctesiphon palace In Iraq had great architect influence as while. Some of the Sassanid buildings were later on turned into Islamic buildings. The architecture of The Dome of the Rock architecture is also shaped after principles applied in Byzantium; like the mosaic technique that was used for the Dome of the Rock. There are many amazing early Islamic monuments one of the earliest is the “The Dome of Rock” which also known as the Umayyad Dome and it is one of the

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