Islam : An Monotheistic Faith, Monotheistic, And It

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Project 2 Option B Cultural Geography 1113 Sec. TH 001 Oklahoma State University 13 March 2015 Abstract Islam just like Christianity and Judaism is an Abrahamic faith, monotheistic, and it is also a universalizing religion. Although they all have those in common Islam differs in many different ways. For instance, Islam has the five pillars of faith that they practice, and a man named Muhammad started the religion because he received revelations from God. Islam also effects lots of cultures, including mine. Islam effects my culture, for example, through their dialects and vocabulary that are now used in daily conversations. Globalization effects Islam in the way that people around the world view them. Mostly, this opinion of them comes from major events; like 9/11. Islam, which shares many similar qualities with other religions is also unique in its way of life and impact on the world. Islam, a big religion that almost everyone has heard about. Especially because it is the fastest growing religion in the world. From as small as dialect and as large as September eleventh the Islam religion is involved with a lot. Even though Islam is the second largest religion, right behind Christianity, it has impacted the world in many significant ways. More than one fifth of the people in the world call themselves Muslims. Islam is also the fastest growing religion in the world, which makes since considering it is a Universalizing
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