Islam And Christianity : Christianity And Islam

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Amanda Bumbala
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World Religions
November 11, 2014

Islam and Christianity There are 7 billion people living all around the world. Everybody has grown up enriched in different cultures, beliefs, traditions, and social standings. Each person, with their own developed views of the world, following a religion such as Christianity and Islam or specifically choosing not to follow a religion, even have many similarities. Christianity and Islam, both, follow by a sacred book of their God’s word although the Bible is also written by many other authors . They both also have a designated place of worship. Christians gather in a church although the bible does not specifically talk about attending church. Muslims, on the other hand, gather at a mosque that the Qur’an says they should attend as often as possible. Christians follow the bible to guide their way towards Jesus Christ. It is made up of sixty-six different books which are divided up into two different sections: the old testament and the new testament. With inspiration and influence of the Holy spirit and a time span of thirteen centuries, contributions from over 40 different authors were mended into one sacred book. These authors ranged from farmers to kings and shepards to physicians, people from all different walks of life have stories in the Bible (“Facts about the Bible.”) It gets it’s name from the Koine Greek phrase, la biblia, which translates to “the book” in English (“Why The Bible Is…

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