Islam And Christianity Comparative Religious Study

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Islam and Christianity Comparative Religious Study Katelyn Vick B. Thornell NCGP 10 October 2014 Katelyn Vick Bethany Thornell AP Language & Composition 10 October 2014 Islam and Christianity Comparative Religious Study Islam and Christianity are significantly different religions with its followers holding many opposing views and theories. Therefore, most find it somewhat challenging to acknowledge any common morals or similarities between Christianity and Islam. Through the comparative study of these two religions, one can identify such similarities and differences. Comparative religion is the examination of different religions and how they relate to one another. It is becoming a large factor in present day discourse mainly because diverse, pious groups are having closer contact both individually and collectively (McGuigan). The goal of comparative religion is to train individuals to critically think about the cultural, social, historical, and intellectual circumstances within religious relationships. Although Christianity and Islam are considered different religions, one must fully understand each to recognize the many commonalities they do, in fact, share. Christians and Muslims beliefs tend to resemble up to the point of Abraham. After Abraham, the ideas and theories start changing. In the Bible, Abraham was the son of Terah. God told Abraham that his descendants would grow and become slaves of a great nation, but then shall come out of that land with great

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