Islam And Islam : The Religion Of Islam

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The religion of Islam came about during the seventh century when the prophet Muhammad allegedly began receiving his “divine revelations.” The teachings of Muhammad were not widely received at first but began gaining popularity as time wore on, and his followers began to be known as Muslims. In this paper, while summarizing the religion of Islam, I’ll make it clear that these teachings are unbiblical and inconsistent. In the seventh century in a city in the Middle East called Mecca, a prophet named Muhammad began receiving “visions” from Gabriel, and angel sent from Allah, his god. He wrote down all these visions in a book he called the Koran. He began to spread these visions around the city, hoping to gain followers for Allah, and was met little to no response. In fact nobles in Mecca began to oppose Muhammad and he was forced out of the city. He fled to Medina where he gained a bigger following. People all around the world are now followers of the iconic religion flowing from the very public figure of the prophet Muhammad. The teachings of Muhammad consisted of the Five Pillars of Islam. He taught them wherever he went and they consisted of these five things: First, Shahada, which says that there is only one god (Allah) and Muhammad, is the messenger of that god. This was an essential confession for all Muslims and new converts to the religion.
Secondly, Salat which says that all Muslims must pray at least five times a day towards Mecca to retain salvation with

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