Islam And Muslim Will Be Used Interchangeably

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For the purpose of this paper, Islam and Muslim will be used interchangeably. Islam and Muslim are words that are both used to represent the message and religion revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. As an example someone may say: I am a Muslim, my religion is Islam.

Fear is a powerful motivator. In a human’s primitive subconscious mind, fear triggers a fight-or-flight response that allows us to react quickly to threats in our environment. As beings with highly developed brains however, we are capable of creating irrational, persistent, and excessive fears that cause overwhelming distress and rash actions. These fears are referred to as phobias. Types of phobias include insects, flying, blood, and, the recently labeled, Islamophobia. Islamophobia is prejudice towards or discrimination against Muslims due to their religion, national, or ethnic identity associated with Islam. Related in prejudice to anti-Semitism, racism, and homophobia, Islamophobia describes thoughts and actions that degrade an entire class of people. The original purpose for this research project was to study the correlations between American anti-Muslim hate crimes and global terrorist attacks. The thought was that because so many places were being attacked, American people would be more scared of Muslim peoples and commit more hate crimes. However there was no remarkable correlation, so we began to think of the rises and falls in American anti-Muslim hate crimes differently.

In the year’s pre September

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