Islam And Science Bond : The Five Pillars Of Faith

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Traditions such as the five pillars of faith in the Islamic religion create and establish the foundations of the particular faith just as the Ten Commandments set the precedent for the catholic beliefs. These five pillars are known as Shahadah, Salat, Zakat, Sawn and Hajj. These along with the other significant beliefs of Islam enable one to “detach” themselves from any outside distraction and face their full attention to God in order to live a resurrected life of peace. The Islamic worldview, which is enabled through the five pillars of faith, include the Islamic theology of Theism, which is the unitedness of God and being one. The Islamic philosophy, which is Supernaturalism, which enhances the discipline of the Islamic Faith. Islamic ethics, which is, demonstrated through the adherents both social, mental, physical and spiritual defining the moral absolutes and understanding of the faith. How Islam and science bond (creationism) is important also as Islam refers to the universe being shaped by Allah and the connection of the mind and body, which exists both in and outside of the body. Finally Islamic sociology including where about Muslims pray including mosques, prayer spaces and the state of central teachings regarding the worship of God and the government and how they interrelate. As taught in my recent visit to the Auburn Mosque; Sharia’s law governs many aspects of day-to-day life and describes the basic endevevours of an average Islamic persons life. Parts of
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