Islam And The Middle East Essay

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Historians, specifically American historians of the 21st century have demonstrated an interest in the Middle East in Islam, due to Americans frequent contact with the Middle East in the early 1960s. Islam and the Middle East have played a remarkable role in Americans discussion and reaction to the events that took place on September 11th, 2001. During this time Americans were beginning to regard the Middle East, Muslims, and Islam as one entity. Americans and the world regarded the Middle East as Islam and Islam as the Middle East. Thus, this correlation between the two made Muslims say Muslim Americans and Muslims in America as less western and more of another, but they were also seen as untrustworthy individuals. Additionally, prior to the September 11th, attacks and an after effect of September 11, was that Muslim men were violent and Muslim women as oppressed individuals. Thus, the perception of Islamophobia and the threat it brings to western society has impacted the discussion of Islamophobia in America.
American scholars sought to demonstrate that there was a divide between the Middle East and the west, between Muslims and Americans. It was also stressed that America was one of the leaders of western Culture and norms, while Muslims were the “others” interfering with western ways. Which is the baseline of the divide that leads to Islamophobia. These following American Historians define the binaries that separate Muslims from Americans, which adds to what they
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