Islam And The Muslim Religious Experience

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All through its history, Islam has been seen as a religious convention which began in (seventh) century Arabia with the prophet Muhammad who lived between 570-632. He got the heavenly divine revelation that is recorded in the Quran. This is still trusted today in the cutting edge Islamic convictions.
In any case, it is most imperative to understand that Muslims don 't see Islam as another religion. Muslims trust that Allah (which truly signifies "The God" in Arabic) is the same God who uncovered himself to Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. In this manner, Jews, Christians, and Muslims are all supporters of the same living God—cousins in a typical family with a typical predecessor, Abraham. Muslims trust that the Quran is the last and finish disclosure of God to all individual
The focal reality of the Muslim religious experience is Allah. The God of the Quran is one and otherworldly, inventor and sustainer of the universe, and the mind-boggling worry of the adherent. "Islam" signifies "accommodation;" a Muslim is one who submits to God, one who is a worker of God. This is not a simple lack of involvement; rather, it is accommodation to the Divine Will, an obligation to acknowledge effectively God 's will ever. Accordingly, the Quran shows that God has given the earth to man as a "heavenly trust" and that it is a man 's obligation and mission, as God 's operators, to endeavor to understand God 's will.

The Muslim 's celestially ordered business is public and person. The Islamic
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