Islam, Christianity, And Islam

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There are many religions in today’s time that has grown over the centuries that have influenced many people around the world. One of the religions that have grown exponentially is Islam. Islam is one of the fastest growing religions in the world and is estimated to grow in the years to come. With Islam spreading across the world and many people converting, this will have an effect on the religion itself; the teachings will be shaped by the cultures and ethnicities of the area. Thus, Islam will differ from country to country. Not only that, with Islam spreading it has caused some controversies. Since a lot of people do not understand Islam, it is often confused with Christianity and Judaism. However, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are similar and different in many ways. In addition, with the recent related terrorist attacks, this has caused many stereotypes, which affects the way Muslims and non-Muslims communicate and interact.
Background of Islam
Islam originated from the country known today as Saudi Arabia. It was founded by a man named Muhammad ibn Abdullah. Muhammad was known as a Prophet because people believed that he was a messenger for God. It is also known that the angel Gabriel spoke to him and gave him the messages that Muslims would later follow. After Muhammad’s death that is when the two groups of Muslim formed. The two groups are the Sunni and the Shia. The difference between these two groups are that the Sunni group believes that the successor after
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