Islam Discrimination In America

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The unfortunate fact that Islam is the most misunderstood religion is still exist. Everyone must vividly remembers how the tragedy of 11 September 2001 occurred. Most of the American communities now are still shocked even after the attacks of 11 September has occurred for the past 14 years. Because of limited narrative about that day and its aftermath, it triggered the ongoing rumors about Arab, Muslim and Islam that we are terrorists. The reality that most members of the communities contend with daily was the environment that was originally created from the discrimination of government policies and biased media representations by the West. Hence, the level of anti-Muslim among the American communities sentiment have always increase day by day after the 11 September tragedy until now. Consequently, those who are tragically affected by…show more content…
The number is declining from 35% in 2010. A Carnegie Mellon study published in 2013 also showed that Muslim Americans are subjected to systematic hiring discrimination.
However, FBI hate-crime statistics cite a figure of 13.7% for the proportion of anti-religious hate crimes targeting Muslims in the Unites States. This figure is widely known to be understated from the real situation of how it should be. Many Muslim immigrants are either newly arrived in the United States and thus unfamiliar with how and why they have become they should report such bias incidents.
This example clearly shows that religion of Islam especially is discriminated by many people in this world. The experiences of being discriminate are very common for some of us. Muslims have to deal and face with all issues of discrimination in order to uphold the truth of Islam. Patience, sabr is the key to succeed in this
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