Islam Does Not Promote Violence And Terrorism

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Eman Haggagi
Philosophy 101
Paper Proposal- Islam does not promote violence and terrorism I believe that there have been many misconceptions of Islam that are portrayed and plastered all over the news, media and even billboard for years now. Millions of Muslims living in the western world have found themselves under a lot of inspection by their societies. Charles Peirce a philosopher who is known for his methods for fixing belief proves a good point and idea in order for people to be more considerable of their thoughts and beliefs to reason correctly before judging the Islamic religion to be promoting violence. People instead of judging all people in Islam and any religion, should be thinking more maturely as to who is the evil doer, instead of taking their anger out on innocent people and the wellbeing in society to keep a unity in the world. However, another famous philosopher whom I disagree with who argues Peirce’s methods of belief is David Hume. Hume believes that of which to avoid all problems, all religious belief should be rid of. The question whether Islam promotes violence and terrorism is a question that I believe is an answer many people don’t understand the answer to and lack the knowledge of their own to make the distinction. In Philosophy the study of Epistemology uses logic to structure an argument and types of evidence you can use to support certain conclusions. What constitutes people’s knowledge in Islam? This helps support the argument as to
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