Islam: Empire of Faith

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In the movie Islam of Faith Part 1, the narrator starts off with the translation of azan to highlight the strong words and the strength of faith. The movie talks about how Islamic civilization has been one of humanities grandest achievements. It was muslims scholars who reclaimed the ancient wisdom of Greeks while Europe were in the dark ages. They who served the seed of the renaissance 600 years before Divincci. From the way we heal the sick to the numerals we use for counting,. Cultures have been shaped by Islamic civilization. A world wide power founded on faith a spiritual revolution that will shake the nations of three continents and launch an empire. This all started by the birth of single man, his name was Muhammed. Muhamed…show more content…
People soon realized that it had to be written down so that it wouldn’t be corrupted and original message maintained. The Quran is a revelation of spiritual teaching of both ethical and social guidance. It was revealed and remains in Arabic. With words alone the quran delivers its vision to the faithful. As Mohammed followers grew so did the opposition. People were skeptical. “Look if you are prophet, where is your miracle.” The quranic answer to this question is that the quran is your miracle. This wasn’t enough for the oppositional tribes, and the idea of an after life left them exteremly skeptical. Out of all the things included in the Quran this left the people not to believe the most. To the non believers his dismantling to their heritage and customs deeply unsettling. It was a threat to their social order, ancient traditions and economic threat. As mohammed followers increased, business suffered as pilgrims worried for their safety left town. The tribal leaders decided that Mohamed and his message must be removed. They planned his assignation. They demanded his uncle to remove the clans protection from the prophet. His uncle refused and battle lines were drawn. Mohammed followers were left to starve, those without clan protection were tortured and killed. When Khadiga and his uncle died, it was an opportunity for his enemies to kill him. Mohamed then went to Yathrid to settle tribal rivalries in exchange for a safe place for him and his people. It
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