Islam Extremism And Islamic Terrorism

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“Jama 'atu Ahl as-Sunnah li-Da 'awati wal-Jihad” (People Committed to the Propagation of the Prophet 's Teachings and Jihad) is also known as Boko Haram, which translates to “Western education is a sin” (Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism, 2014). It is an extremist Islamic group who fights against the Nigeria state. It has become a global concern because of its acts that can be categorized as terrorism attack lately. The motive of its activities is to establish and expand the Islamic empire based on an ideology that is religiously focused. There are two types of interpretation value in the religion of Islam that are based on the ideology, the first is Moderate Islam, which is an interpretation of Islam with substantives (cultural) viewpoint that rejects extremism and terrorism (CG News, n.d). And the second is Islam Extremism. It is a concept which describing Islamic law as a system that is believed could cover all parts of human life with scriptural (textual) viewpoint. The Islamic extremists feel obligated to set up this form of governance in the public space such as Muslim-dominated territories, countries and, eventually, the entire world. They consider Islamic law as the only legitimate system of government. Generally, they reject democracy and human rights values (Mauro, 2014).. To implement the ideology of Islam and Islamic values in daily life in, generally there are two different methods; it can be in peace or coercion (violence). One of coercion method…
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