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The Islam faith was a very predominant one in the world’s past history. When it first started to rise along with the teachings of Mohammed, it was very popular. Their military and cultural achievements were remarkable. When the Arabs first started conquering land, they had affected the language and cultures of those lands. Mohammed was a very spiritual man, who helped Islam rise and conquer.
     Mohammed was born in 569 B.C.E. Mohammed had lost both of his parents by the age of 6, leaving him in the care of his grandmother and uncle. At 12 years old, his uncle took him on a caravan to Syria, where he picked up certain points from the Jewish and Christian religions. He married a wealthy woman at age 25, and they
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     Mohammed converted many people, starting with family and close friends. These first converts got the reputation of having the title of ‘companion of the Prophet’. Mohammed made his hegira to Medina in 622 B.C.E. and this is the year that the Moslem calendar started. Mohammed had expected the Medina Jews to welcome him with open arms, when in fact, they mocked him and forced Mohammed to go against them. Mohammed then in turn drove them out of their town and split the land up among his people. After a while, the Arabs accepted this new religion and a theocratic state was organized. From Medina, Mohammed arranged raids on the Mecca caravans, which were accepted and were one of the popular economic activities among Arabs. By 630, the Moslems were powerful enough to confine Mecca, and shortly thereafter Mohammed made the black stone the chief shrine of his religion.
     When Mohammed died in 632, the Arab tribes paid tribute to him. Perhaps the biggest tribute was that the Islam faith continued with great force. When Mohammed went to the Arab nations, they were falling apart, but he fixed them and brought them back together by introducing this faith. Within a century, Mohammed’s followers were always victorious. They built a strong empire across Eurasia and stood together as a strong community, as one.
     During the rise of Islam, Arab nations were very extensive.

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