Islam In America Analysis

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According to the book Islam in America by Johnathan Curiel, one can find evidence that the story of Muslims in America all the way back to beginnings of slave trade to the United States in the 1700’s. About 20% of African slaves that were brought to America were Muslims. During this early times in the country, the number of Muslims is estimated to be around 25,000 but were forced by their owners to convert to Christianity. (Curiel, 2015) Though many Muslim slaves, showed that they had converted, many still held on to their faith in Islam. As the number of Slaves increased from 250,000 to 500,000, it is estimated that the number of Muslims increased. (Curiel, 2015) Through the time of denial of Islam, the Muslims held on and followed their faith and continued to pass down their faith to family. This continued for many years, until the 1890’s when white American Muslims began to change the role of Islam in the United States. This turning point at such a crucial time for the religion, helped Islam spread throughout the country. Alexander Webb proclaimed himself as missionary, and spent his time campaigning throughout the country, speaking about the religion, the building of mosques and more during a time that people believed Islam to be an adversary. (Curiel, 2015) Although, he was flawed in the sense that he would not work with other believers…show more content…
There is such diversity of Islam in America from the Sunni, Sufi, Nation of Islam, Arab-Americans, African-Americans, Iranian-Americans, Afghan-Americans, European-Americans, Secular Muslims, and Gay and Lesbian Muslims. (Curiel, 2015) Just like many other religions in the country, there is much left to interpretation for any of the followers of Islam. Currently, New York has the highest amount of Muslims in the United States at 24% of the population, followed by Illinois at 10%, California at 9%, Texas, at 9%, Michigan at 6%, and New Jersey at 5%. (Curiel,
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