Islam Is A Major World Religion

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The most fundamental belief in Islam is that there is no God but Allah. He is the one, the first and the last, has no partners, sons, daughters or intermediaries. Islam is a major world religion with over one billion followers worldwide. Although it’s associated with the Arabs of the Middle East, Muslims are found all over the world of every nation, color, and race. Islam means submission to the will of God; comes from an Arabic root word meaning peace and submission. The origin word of Islam, “Salam”, is the same that is shared with the Arabic word meaning peace and security. Peace and safety come from living life according to God’s will. Crow said: “Islam signifies the safety and security experienced in acts of mutual harmony and concord between humans arising out of the inner peace between individual creatures and the Creator.” To guide people, several sources have been established and explained by God through his Prophets with clear signs, which make obvious what is right and what is wrong. Peace and safety come from living life according to the God’s will. Many people claimed that Islam was a political entity, meaning converts did not often spread the religion, but Islam as a political entity was spread by force and combat. Esack describes the claim about the religion, “If there is a major world religion that is unambiguously identified as having a political agenda, then it is Islam. For most people who are not Muslim, this is seen as very disturbing, not least because
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