Islam Is A Religion Of Islam

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Islam is one of the oldest religions in the world, and with that has one of the biggest populations of followers and worshipers. However, it is also a very misunderstood religion. Muslims are extremely religious people, and they strictly follow the Qur’an, however in the past there have been incidences, in which Arabs have done harm. These acts of few had a negative impact on the lives of many. After these events terroristic events took place, non-Muslims began to fear all Arabs and target them as terrorists because of the false belief that all Arabs are Muslim, and Islam is a warlike religion. Being afraid of the religion and its followers, Westerners became afraid of all Arabs and others from the Middle East, targeting and stereotyping them as terrorists because of how they look. Being afraid of these people and their religion, the Western countries termed all Middle Eastern countries and the religion of Islam as terroristic and violent, reasoning that Islam promotes violence and killing. Further, when events of women being burned with acid by men in some Middle Eastern countries for refusing marriage, wanting to get educated or not wearing a hijab properly, people of western countries began speculations that women are oppressed, mistreated, and forced to wear hijabs and burqas. The people who are not familiar with Islam, and do not know anything about the religion, knowing about these events, and being influenced by media, put the blame for these events on the religion,…

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