Islam Is Based On Three Basic Fundamentals

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Islam is based on three basic fundamentals which is essential for the directing the life of its followers:
1. First principle is the Religious Beliefs which is also known as Usul al-Din which means Roots of Religion. This is the very fundamental core of the religion and gives it a basic tenet of life for the followers.
2. Second principle is called as Religious Practice which is also known Furu ' al-Din which means Branches of Religion and this defines the peripheral aspects of the religious practices pertaining to Islam.
3. Religious Ethics which are also known as Akhlaq and Adab which means Virtues and Manners of Conduct define the moral and ethical code of conduct as per Islam. These two very revered sources of knowledge and information regarding these fundamental principles of Islam are the Qur 'an which is considered as "Book of God," by Muslims and the other one being the Sunna which is the exemplary conduct of the Prophet and his good inheritors to the visionary assignment.
There are basically five pillars on which the basic acts of the Islam are based and these are regarded as the fundamental tenets by the believers of the Islam and have laid the foundation of the Islamic life. These pillars are summarised in the very famous Hadith of Gabriel. These pillars are conducting Muslim life, performing the ritual prayer, having the regard and sympathy for the underprivileged, spirituality and purity and performing the pilgrimage.
• Shahadah: proclaiming that there…
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