Islam Is Construed As The Second Largest Religion After

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Islam is construed as the second largest religion after Christianity across the world. It stretches from Northern Africa to the Far Southeast Asia. And there are momentous numbers of the Muslims that can be found transversely on the world. The Islamic religion is believed to have originated from Arabia when Prophet Muhammad incepted it in the seventh century (570-632). It is believed that he did receive divine revelation that is recorded in the Quran. The Muslims holds the conviction that Allah is God is the same one that did reveal himself to Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. This means that the Jews, Muslims, and the Christians are believers in the same living God. The Muslims are the cousins of the Christians, and they did emanate from the…show more content…
These two books of the Islamic mode of life are well articulated in the Sharia that is the Islamic law. They provide the road that a Muslim should follow, and it forms the organic community that defines the relationship between politics, society, and religion. The Islam does emphasize on the practice in disregard to the belief. This means that they value the law over theology and it forms the most important part of the Muslims. The practice provides the sharia that Muslims do adhere to realize the will of God. At the heart of the Sharia, there are five pillars that are almsgiving, pilgrimage to Mecca, fasting worship and the confession of the faith. A Muslim is obliged to confess that God is the only one God and that Muhammad is the emissary of God. This means that the Muslims do affirm to the existence of one God i.e. Mono-theism. God is a principal God and the maker, judge and the maker of the all God 's creatures. God is so merciful and compassionate and on the latter day, he is going to judge every soul according to their deeds. All this information is enclosed in the book of the acts. The subsequent directive of the Muslim is to confess and affirm that Muhammad is the true emissary of God. Muhammad serves as a model prophet, father, husband and judge. This is in disregard that he was mortal and not godlike. Muslims are made-up to pray over 5 times on a day on daily basis that is commencement, midday, mid-afternoon, nightfall and
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